Thomas Wade formed McWade Airport & Airspace Planning, LLC after a successful 20-year career with the Federal Aviation Administration. McWade leverages knowledge and expertise gained in FAA’s Airports Division to assist airport operators, consultants, planning organizations and FAA contractors and consultants with strategic and tactical airport planning advice and in resolving challenging coordination issues with the FAA.

Mr. Wade began his FAA career as a Project Engineer within the Engineering Branch in the Southwest Region working with several smaller commercial and general aviation airports in eastern and southern Texas. Quickly proving himself, he was shortly promoted to a Program Manager position within the Regional Office, reporting directly to the Deputy Division Manager, and was responsible for overseeing design and construction of a $450 million new runway complex at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Simultaneous assignments included other DFW metroplex airports including Dallas Love Field, the new City of Dallas CBD Vertiport and four active reliever airports.

After successful completion of the DFW runway program, Mr. Wade moved to the Planning and Programming Office in the Southwest Regional Office where he was a Senior Planner and Senior Program Manager with responsibilities in a number of areas: the Passenger Facility Charge Program, Airport Capital Improvement Planning, Airport forecasting and the Terminal Area Forecast (TAF), and Airport Planning. Not only was he an innovator and leader within the region, he was also actively involved in numerous national initiatives during his career. National leadership included: 1) re-engineering the Office of Airports, an organizational improvement initiative; 2) revising the National Priority System used for prioritization of approximately $3B in Airport Improvement Program funding and recognition as the architect for developing the current National Priority Rating; 3) development of all modules for Office of Airports Development System of Airport Reporting (SOAR) software used in managing development and agency funding for the 3,300 airports identified in the National interest and 4) development of the national grant management performance metric used by the Office of Airports to support conversion of Aviation Trust Funds into Aviation System Improvements.

During his last four years with the agency, Mr. Wade supported the National Planning and National Engineering Divisions as the lead field representative for the national implementation of Airports Geographic Information Systems (Airports GIS). He developed and led the implementation of the Airports GIS initial pilot program, developed several program tools and templates, resolved numerous implementation issues, conducted internal and external training and became a nationally recognized expert on Airports GIS.

During his career he received frequent regional and national awards and commendations for his innovation, cooperation, customer service, and commitment to progress.

He is a Registered Professional Engineering with a bachelor’s and dual master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.